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Buying a home doesn’t have to be an exercise in faith. Sure it looks good from the outside, but what do you really know about the inside? As a buyer, you’ll want to protect yourself from issues unseen by the “naked eye.”

A licensed home inspector will provide a thorough and detailed examination of this important investment — your home! Understanding the structural, electrical, plumbing and other systems of your home, will give you the confidence you need to move toward fulfilling your dream of home ownership!

Chris D. Hilton
Home/Building Inspection

Phone: (336) 816-7756
Fax: (888) 522-6547
Authorized Home Inspection
Phone: (336) 769-3031
Fax: (336) 769-3036
Pillar To Post - Steve Martin
Phone: (336) 441-0257
Equitable Home Inspections
Phone: (336) 996-8044
Fax: (336) 996-7179
Accu-Spect Home Inspections, Inc.
Robert Mudd

Phone: (336) 831-4763











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